Melton Greyhound Racing Club Inc.

the best in the west


Contacts and Committee....


Honorary Secretary:




  E: [email protected]

Mrs Sue Delaney      

M: 0425 737 418  

E: [email protected]

Paul Abela

John Callus

Daniel Davis

Tom Fiddian

Bruce Loft

David Traynor

Daniel Webber

Clinton Welsh

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Track Phone Number:

In active at the moment.

Please contact the President or Secretary with  your enquiries.

Life Members:

Mr A Overs; Ms M Gray; Mr B Gray; Mrs B Lyons;

Mrs D James; H Mercieca; W Mercieca;

Mr B Lotherington; H Thorn; R Inch; J Lucas;

R Curran; Mr S & Mrs L Cleghorn (both dec.);

Mr R Punshon & Mrs L Punshon; Mr W Lambert;

Mr P Lambert (Dec.); Mr N Walls.

Miss Karen Fleming      


Vice President:

Con Reivers

0412 536 742