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For any enquiries re club matters please contact the Executive members of the club.

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To all our members take extra care during this current Coronavirus.

Be extra diligent with your own cleanliness & health &

that of your greyhounds.


Taken from the GRV website:-

Greyhound Racing Victoria has introduced new social distancing rules at all race meetings and trials to comply with the Chief Health Officer’s advice around social distancing.


GRV CEO Alan Clayton said the new requirements were:


Expanded kennelling times prior to the first race;

Restrictions on the number of people inside rooms/enclosed areas – signage located on all doors;

Vetting Greyhounds in outdoor areas (where possible);

Removal of parading in front of the pavilion prior to each race;

Maintaining a minimum distance of 3 metres when walking Greyhounds to the starting boxes;

Boxing arrangements altered, called up in the following order – Boxes 1 & 5; Boxes 3 & 7; Boxes 2 & 6; then Boxes 4 & 8

Handlers are exited out of the starting area as soon as they have loaded their greyhound.

“These changes are necessary to ensure our sport complies with our health and safety obligations and are designed to prevent the spread of COVID-19,” Mr Clayton said.

“GRV is continuing to take advice from the Chief Health Officer and work with key stakeholders to navigate the challenges presented by COVID-19, protect our participants and carefor our dogs.”